Traders at Berkeley


Connecting students with professionals

Thank you to our 2023-2024 industry sponsors!


Sponsor contributions fuel the Traders at Berkeley competition in all aspects, from marketing to competition infrastructure. Firms interested in sponsoring this competition may contact sponsors [at]


Detailed sponsorship benefits are outlined in the Sponsorship Deck. Such benefits include coffee chats, career events, resume book access, and brand recognition. Traders at Berkeley relies entirely on sponsors to develop the trading competition, recruit competitors, and host the competition. Sponsor contributions are primarily used for participant's prize money and travel reimbursements.


Participating companies will have exclusive networking opportunities with top-performing students and host informational sessions.

UC Berkeley and other West Coast schools host some of the best tech talent which has historically lacked exposure to the financial industry. By partnering with Traders at Berkeley, sponsors can tap into this strong talent pool and develop recruiting relations with some of the best quantitative students in the world.


We are always open to professional advisors with significant industry experience in the quantitative trading industry to advise Traders at Berkeley. Advisors serve as a bridge between the trading firms they represent and students. Advisors often provide valuable insights into the industry and can help students with mentorship and career advice.

Each semester our advisors are invited to teach guest lectures for our DeCal, IEOR 198: Introduction to Quantitative Finance.

See our current professional advisors here.


Please email sponsors [at] for more information about sponsorship opportunities with Traders at Berkeley.